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In Hinduism God is known as Brahman, Isvara, Paramatman or Supreme Self. He is also often addressed as Bhagavan, Parabrahman, Siva, Vishnu and Yaksha. The soul is known as At manor Self or the individual Self. The Self and Supreme Self are the two eternal entities of creation. One is enjoyed and the supreme Lord of the macrocosm and the other is the enjoyed and lord of the microcosm of a living being.

In Hinduism, the phenomenal world, which we call Samsara, is transient, where as the world of Brahman is eternal and imperishable. In Samsara a being is subject to modifications.

This is the suffering from which one must escape finally into the realm of Brahman and become free from the shackles of mortal existence.There are several theories and schools of speculative philosophy in Hinduism which try to explain the relationship between God or the Supreme Self and soul or individual the Self, but there is no  unanimity among the them. In a wakeful state, no one knows for sure the true equation between God and His creation. We cannot say conclusively whether they are the same or different. Philosophers and scholars have been exploring and speculating about it since the ancient times, but as history proves they have not able to reach a conclusion. Since, both the Self and the Supreme Self are beyond the mind and body, neither of them can be grasped with the senses or the intellect. Hence nothing can be proved about them empirically or in un wakeful state, except through an inner personal spiritual experience.

In Hinduism, there are essentially three views regarding creation: projection, transformation and super imposition. According to the first, creation was a projection of God's powerjust as light is projected by the sun in all directions. According to the second, creation is a transformation of God's materialist and mutable aspects. According to the third, creation is a super imposition, just like a movie on a silver screen or a dream on a resting mind. These three views in turn influence our views regarding the relationship between God and His creation.

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